Baltic is the perfect washing unit for buses, cars, trucks, vans, articulated cars, tanker trucks, garbage collection, and transportation vehicles, dump trucks, military vehicles and special vehicles in general. The system is manufactured with a hot and/or painted galvanized structure (optional) and is equipped with inverters for the movement. It is equipped with dosing pumps for chemicals, emergency stop system, automatic winter discharge (when required) and anti-tipping system. Depending on the configuration, the system could be supplied with a single or triple slotted handle, depending on the length of the rails, or with a caterpillar on columns, wall or floor.

The control panel is on board. There’s no pneumatic control. There are several versions of this unit: Baltic 'standard' -  Baltic Overlapping – Baltic Total High Pressure – Baltic Side H.P. 

Baltic can be integrated with several solutions for high or medium pressure washing of the underbody, the sides and lower part of vehicles (for example tank trucks), the wheels and mudguards. These systems could be equipped with rotating or fixed nozzles, producing great results also in case of extremely dirty vehicles.


Unit dimensions and weight (STANDARD 4,2 mt height dimension):



Portal Speed: 6 / 12m /min

Total Power Supply Required: 10.4 kW

Time and consumptions: (std. Baltic):

Time and consumptions: (Baltic HP):


HIGH VISIBILITY TRAFFIC LIGHT: Two-way traffic light with adjustable support.

CANVAS SPLASHGUARDS: Splashguards in windshield wound


RAILS: 'Heavy Duty' rail profile and wheel guidance tubes: 


The pushbutton panel is placed on a special structure close to the rails track and it is equipped with:

Over the last years, Baltic has become the synonym of reliability and concreteness. Its hardness, operability and very low maintenance costs, along with the flexibility of configuration and programming, makes Baltic the ideal solution for industrial vehicle washing needs, both for public and private transportation vehicles and industrial transportation vehicles. In addition, it provides an excellent environmental setting.