Drive-through is an example of the many solutions and projects available for washing trains of all shapes. Designed for overground and underground trains, trams and railway vehicles in general, it consists of a sequence of modular stations dedicated to the cleaning of specific areas:

The sequence of arches for applying the chemical products, rinsing and drying arches complete the washing unit.

Thanks to the combination of detergents and high-pressure rinsing, or alternatively, the brush washing, the unit provides thorough cleaning for the most critical areas, even for vehicles with a complex design. In addition, the system or individual side and top arches can be fitted with pumps with varying power or pressure to meet specific washing needs. The unit is recommended for routine washes.

Drive-through Washing Plants:

Modular configurations:

Combinations of washing groups to meet: 


Side Brushes:

Flag-Type Front and Rear End Brushes: 

Eaves and Skirt Wash:

Prewash Arches:

High-pressure arches:

Rinsing Arches:

Drying System:

Control and Safety System:


Basic side brush unit - Ansaldo, Naples:

High-pressure plant - Trenitalia:

Fully automatic brush plant - LUAS, Dublin:

The LTF Ceccato is one of the world leaders in train and tram wash systems. Ceccato has been constructing train wash systems for over 30 years and they have a detailed understanding of the requirements of the rail industry. LTF key features include: 

The effective under-chassis wash system is also optional. LTF is specifically designed and tailor-made to suit your fleet.

Testimonials, that are gained across Europe in the train washing field, position Ceccato among the top qualified suppliers in this sector. Each solution is designed and discussed with the customer and perfectly adapted to the specific conditions of use. A wide range of accessories (for instance, the wastewater treatment system, the safety winter drain cycle, the touch-screen control panel, speed measurement, surveillance cameras) increases the effectiveness of the system. Every unit is customized according to the client's needs, requirements and funds.