Gantry is a mobile high-power washing unit, which provides high-pressure washing of individual carriages or fixed compositions. This powerful wash is a perfect solution not only for single train carriages but for short vehicles too.

The number of brushes varies according to the vehicle to wash and can be combined with high-pressure washing to always achieve the best possible quality. The electronically-controlled unit can be programmed based on the type of carriage.

Ceccato has a number of well-defined models for car washes, however, the company "builds" the train wash system according to customer requirements. Importantly, Ceccato does not develop a new machine each time, but just creates a new configuration using defined sections: 

Furthermore, for each project, according to the required configuration, Ceccato has to develop: 

The Gantry Type provides an intensive cleaning with the length of the bay approximately from 25 m up to 70 m. The modular configuration could include brushes only, brushes and a high-pressure system, the connection with trolley type undercarriage wash.

Since the Gantry is suitable for single carriage wash or short trains, the independent “on-trolley” wash unit could have:

Consequently, Ceccato, which products are well known as the choice with the lowest total lifetime cost, always meeting and exceeding quality, efficiency and profitability requirements of customers, provides a mobile and high-performing solution for high-grade and high-pressure washing of individual carriages or fixed compositions, according to customer's requirements, conditions and budget.