LFO is a drive-through system for large fleets. It is the perfect solution for washing public and private vehicles for commuters. Flexibility, speed and high performance, combined with minimum costs of management, make it an ideal tool for washing buses or trams up to 60 vehicles/hour (6000 vehicles per month). Sturdy structure and simple assembling guarantee an extremely reliable solution ideal for managing a Medium/Large vehicles fleet size.


Programmable automatic washing plant developed to match requirements of high productivity with a high-quality standard, at the same time containing the level of the investment. LFO is composed of a steel structure, made up of six/eight flanged columns and anchored to the ground. Columns are connected among each other with crossbars. Electrical and pneumatic connection run inside of these crossbars. All the structural and hydraulic parts are treated and protected against corrosion and rust.

Vertical brushes connected to the frame with oscillating arms: this system allows a 'flag' movement for washing front, sides and rear of the vehicles. Pneumatic cylinders determine the opening and closing of the movement. The pressure of the brushes is pneumatically controlled. The “jumping mirror” operation is guaranteed. Horizontal brush produces a swinging movement, controlled by a counterweight system to keep the brush on the roof of the vehicle at a constant pressure. Pneumatic cylinders - controlled by solenoid valves and flush regulators - determine the vertical and horizontal brushes movement. Bristles in polyethylene filaments are assembled on modular supports coupled to the rotating shaft fixed with bolts. This allows quick replacement when necessary. It is completed with control photocells for the operation to control the position and the passage during the washing process. 

LFO has Green and Red traffic lights for vehicle fleet control. Electrical panel with PLC can be positioned on board or remoted. LFO includes 2 pumps of 3 hp each supplying the washing / rinsing sectors. The power differs for the front and the front-rear (rinsing). In this way, recycled water can be used for the first phase (washing) and fresh water for the second pump (rinse). LFO has also alarm system “too high speed” with an acoustic signal.

1. Water:

2. Compressed air:

3. Electricity:




The range includes various washing heights and number of brushes and accessories depending on needs and requests. The LFO unit has four basic versions with 4, 5, 6 and 7 brushes realized to allow a maximum working height of 4,50 m. The '4 brushes' version is available in a closed structure as well as in the open version for tram wash with a pantograph, without the crossbars on the top.


The operation of the machine is based on the execution of a number of instructions that makes up the wash program. There are two activation modes of the washing programme (the selection is configured at the time of plant start-up from the operating board):

The washing plant executes the washing programme if the 'start' button is pushed (semiautomatic mode) or if the sensor detecting vehicle entrance is activated (automatic mode). Therefore, the selection of a different programme than the one loaded must be executed:

Up to 4 different washing programmes can be selected through the push button panel located at the bay entrance. The selected programme is signaled by the “programme selection” lamps with a steady light. 



LFC is the solution for washing the fleet of vehicles for public and private transportation to be installed in small available areas. This unit has a capacity of about 30 Vehicles per hour. This simple, although strongly built solution, allows optimal performance an efficient results with an unsurpassed maintenance and management costs. Electromechanical operation with photocells activation, makes really accurate washing, also including some necessary functions such as “mirrors controls”. Modular galvanized structure (painted on request). Complete with 5 control brushes pneumatically controlled (4 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal brush). Washing height is 4,5m. The system can be equipped on request with some arches for emollients, wax and eventually drying system.

Dimensions of LFC 545:


Roll Wash is the one-brush system proposed by Ceccato for manual operation. Washing height is 4.10 m. Strongly built with galvanized steel, the unit is equipped, unlike the competition, with an articulated arm to easily turn around the vehicle with power cables and water piping for washing operation, in order to avoid cables and pipes being placed disordered on the floor. It ensures safety, less risk of stumbling and facilitating the task of the operator himself. The plant operates on a medium pitch size approx. 17 m x 6 m.

Dimensions of Roll Wash 4.1:

LFO combines the quality of Baltic and the speed of a conveyor tunnel. Such features as flexibility, speed and high performance, combined with minimum costs of management, make LFO an ideal solution for washing commercial vehicles.