The simplicity of installation and utilization with great performance makes Phoenix Tech 2.0 an extremely productive unit. There are two basic versions: Phoenix Premium (unit with a contour following drying blade) and Phoenix Air Plus (unit with swirling air-flow drying system). The washing performance of both versions is up to 1200 washes/month. That means this model can service up to 12 vehicles/hour.


Phoenix Tech has a solid structure and reliability due to the development of the machine without the use of welding in assembly. Premium version is characterized by the horizontal blade that follows the contour of the vehicle. During the drying phase the air flow is directed by an adjustable two positions flap, to precisely follow the vehicle profile, especially in front and at the back. The horizontal high pressure is composed of two oscillating rotating jet nozzles, which work on two levels, and they are placed in the corners of the drying blade. This option offers the added value to the wash programs.

The display which is positioned on the column highlights the icons so the vehicle could be placed in the right position.

Turbo Side Dryer Standard (TSD) is the perfect solution to prevent the ‘dead spot’ during the drying phases: in fact, with the conventional dryers, the flows that cross between the side and top dryers create a vortex in the middle, and this vortex lets some air flow to dissolve before they touch a vehicle.

In this version, TSD eliminates the vortex and the dispersion of air flow. The drying result is much more accurate. The full height of lateral dryers has been improved by reducing the acoustic impact.


Air Plus Version is characterized by the top dryers that generate oscillating air flows with an elliptical trajectory optimal for the natural flow of the water on the car and so down on the ground. This guarantees a great combination of wash and dry. The combined and synchronized action of the rotation and the possibility to customize the speed of the air plus system, determine an effective, safe and appreciated washing/drying result.

Air Plus Version has a Wheel Master system. It is developed to wash the wheels, the side of the car and all lower parts of the vehicles. The system is operated by two high-pressure nozzles. Due to a great combination between the power of the high pressure and the softness of the brush, Wheel Master guarantees an excellent washing result even in hard-to-reach spots. Wheel Master is made of stainless steel. It supports such combinations as only detergent supply, only high pressure, only brushes, or a combination of those. The rim chemical is sprayed with the same nozzles of the high pressure. As a result, this provides more accurate delivering of the chemical products to the rim.


Left column:

Left side blower

Electric cabinet:

Right column:

Right side blower

Hydraulic and pneumatic switchboard:

Shelves of the wash chemical cans.

Phoenix Tech 2.0 is equipped with a Profile Control Tech. It has been implemented as a standard feature: the profile of the vehicle is contoured in detail. As a result, it provides more accurate washing quality with the combination of the reduced washing time thanks to the implementation of INVERTERS for the control of the brushes. The delicate touch of the brushes is guaranteed even at high speeds.

Phoenix Tech 2.0 unit can be installed with the onboard high-pressure system. This feature makes the installation much easier, saves space, and decreases the costs.

Up to four chemicals are used to take care of your vehicle.

PRE-WASHING: the emollient maximum car care: The possibility to set the emollient is optional, it is supplied by a dedicated arch for better pre-wash preparation. The emollient can be hot or cold, foamed or in the combination of both.

HIGH-PRESSURE WATER FLOWS FOR THE HEAVY DIRT: You can do a lateral washing under high or medium pressure to prepare the vehicle before the brushing phase.

PRE FOAM PREVENTIVE PROTECTION: According to Ceccato’s design, a foamed shampoo must be supplied simultaneously during the brushing phase. This simple and effective way guarantees accuracy and softness during the washing phase. The customer can notice the quality, while the foam is spread by the brushes all over the vehicle.

POLISHING: The foamed polish is wind- and sun proof, it is resistant to all weather conditions, and it does not need a pre-drying phase before the application. The foam polishing can be supplied even during the first brushing run. As a result, the brushes runs are reduced to two runs instead of four. This system combines vehicle protection and minimal time costs.


Pumps Power:

The washing unit can be installed:

Required environmental conditions for machine exploitation:

Wash water quality:

The correct operation of the washing equipment is granted only if the water used for the washing process is in compliance with the following characteristics:



Depending on the system, it is possible to guarantee 70-80% of water reuse.

Here are some typical washing programs with the relevant cycle times:

Program 1:

Program 2:

Program 3:

Program 4:


With the standard length of the rails of 9 metres (29ft 1/2) it is possible to carry out a complete wash of a 5,3 m (17ft1/2) long vehicle. By increasing the length of the rails, the washing length will be increased by the same length.

Rail length m - (ft)

Vehicle length m - (ft)


9 - (291/2)

5,3 - (17)


10 - (323/4)

6,3 - (20)


       11 - (36)

7,3 - (24)

By decreasing the length of the rails, the washing length will be decreased by the same length: 

Rails length m - (ft)

Vehicle length m (ft)


9 - (29)

5,3 (17)


8 - (26)

4,3 (14)


7 - (23)

3,3 (10)

In the course of operation, the vehicle remains stationary and it is placed in the area of the equipment’s action. The portal which moves along the guide rails can implement various service operations consistently. The productivity, solidity, easiness of access and its technical features make Phoenix Tech a top seller among other roll-overs.