Ceccato has washing solutions for various types of transport, and we really mean it. Railway transport maintenance require respectful look as well, and Ceccato offers a solution for fleet on a railroads. Depending on the fleet requirements, gantry or tunnel options are available, meeting the needs from considerably small fleet of just a single train or a short vehicle option, to the solution for large fleet (trains, metro, trams and rolling stocks in general). Combining the sequence of brushes and high pressure deliverance, Ceccato Railway washing solution follows the principle of automation, high quality standards, intelligent contour scanning system and advanced drying system, delivering the ultimate result. The brushes sequence delivers are designed to produce the best outcome despite possible complicated design on the surface, covering sides, roofs, front and rear of a railway unit. The sequence of arches to apply chemical products, rinsing or drying arches complete the washing unit. The variety of models allows assessing each model’s dimensional and operational features, comparing them with the existing demands. Each unit can be customized according to specific requests, adding or removing certain features, personalizing the design and optional features. The dimensions and standard features are already available, thus providing you with the basic information needed for the initial assessment. This line is presented with the following models: Gantry and Drive Through. You can find the examples how each system operates in reality along with all the necessary project documentation and technical features description below.


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Mobile gantry for washing overground and underground trains

Gantry is a mobile high-power washing unit, which provides high-pressure washing of individual carriages or fixed compositions. This powerful wash is a perfect solution not only for single train carriages but for short vehicles too.

The number of brushes varies according to the vehicle to wash and can be combined with high-pressure washing to always achieve the best possible quality. The electronically-controlled unit can be programmed based on the type of carriage.

Ceccato has a number of well-defined models for car washes, however, the company "builds" the train wash system according to customer requirements. Importantly, Ceccato does not develop a new machine each time, but just creates a new configuration using defined sections: 

  • prewash/detergent/rinse arches; 
  • side wash section;
  • eaves wash section; 
  • skirt wash section;
  • front/rear wash section;
  • underbody wash;
  • drier section;
  • technical room;
  • water treatment.

Furthermore, for each project, according to the required configuration, Ceccato has to develop: 

  • foundation drawing;
  • connection drawing;
  • electric diagram;
  • hydro/pneumatic drawing;
  • software;
  • use & maintenance manual;
  • spare parts catalogue.

The Gantry Type provides an intensive cleaning with the length of the bay approximately from 25 m up to 70 m. The modular configuration could include brushes only, brushes and a high-pressure system, the connection with trolley type undercarriage wash.

Since the Gantry is suitable for single carriage wash or short trains, the independent “on-trolley” wash unit could have:

  • intermediate recesses wash;
  • single solutions for wash and dry;
  • automatic control;
  • pneumatic or electric brushes control.

Consequently, Ceccato, which products are well known as the choice with the lowest total lifetime cost, always meeting and exceeding quality, efficiency and profitability requirements of customers, provides a mobile and high-performing solution for high-grade and high-pressure washing of individual carriages or fixed compositions, according to customer's requirements, conditions and budget.


The train washing system for large fleets

Drive-through is an example of the many solutions and projects available for washing trains of all shapes. Designed for overground and underground trains, trams and railway vehicles in general, it consists of a sequence of modular stations dedicated to the cleaning of specific areas:

  • brushes for the sides, for the roof (diesel trains) or for the roof fittings eaves;
  • brushes for front and rear, even for inclined fronts or fronts with a complex design

The sequence of arches for applying the chemical products, rinsing and drying arches complete the washing unit.

Thanks to the combination of detergents and high-pressure rinsing, or alternatively, the brush washing, the unit provides thorough cleaning for the most critical areas, even for vehicles with a complex design. In addition, the system or individual side and top arches can be fitted with pumps with varying power or pressure to meet specific washing needs. The unit is recommended for routine washes.

Drive-through Washing Plants:

Modular configurations:

  • different types of brushes and high-pressure groups are available

Combinations of washing groups to meet: 

  • required level of automation
  • required level of wash quality
  • available level of investment


Side Brushes:

  • number of brushes according to required wash quality and speed
  • simple and reliable, pneumatically operated
  • drive-through speed up to 6 km/h

Flag-Type Front and Rear End Brushes: 

  • reaching the vehicle centerline, pneumatically operated
  • vehicle speed up to 3 km/h with the rear end detection system
  • suitable for vertical or slightly inclined ends

Eaves and Skirt Wash:

  • shaped brushes dedicated to a specific area
  • number of brushes according to required speed and wash quality
  • skirt brushes can be controlled to automatically skip the wheels

Prewash Arches:

  • pre-wet and cooling arch
  • cleaner distribution arch with the relevant dosing system (concentration of chemicals; dwelling time)

High-pressure arches:

  • with standard flat nozzles
  • with rotating power nozzles
  • with rotating heads

Rinsing Arches:

  • pre-rinsing with hard water
  • final rinsing with softened water
  • final rinsing with osmotic water
  • rinse aid application

Drying System:

  • with 4 to 8 blowers with different power and configuration
  • taking off the excess water
  • the best result after rinse aid application and suitable distance from rinse arch

Control and Safety System:

  • main panel to control all functions
  • warning lights
  • traffic light system
  • train speed detection with emergency
  • emergency stop suitably located
  • electromechanical or PLC advanced control
  • diagnostic and data recording


Basic side brush unit - Ansaldo, Naples:

  • Italian Railways
  • installed in October 2000
  • average throughput: 20 6/8 carriages trains per day

High-pressure plant - Trenitalia:

  • over 30 plants installed (total amount)
  • a daily wash of all train types and configurations
  • required speed up to 6 km/h

Fully automatic brush plant - LUAS, Dublin:

  • the end of 2003
  • two new maintenance depots, trams fleet
  • a daily wash of 40 single carriage trams

The LTF Ceccato is one of the world leaders in train and tram wash systems. Ceccato has been constructing train wash systems for over 30 years and they have a detailed understanding of the requirements of the rail industry. LTF key features include: 

  • a self-supporting and modular frame to fit different train configuratiions 
  • customised washing and drying components
  • washing of inclined vehicle's front and more complex shapes

The effective under-chassis wash system is also optional. LTF is specifically designed and tailor-made to suit your fleet.

Testimonials, that are gained across Europe in the train washing field, position Ceccato among the top qualified suppliers in this sector. Each solution is designed and discussed with the customer and perfectly adapted to the specific conditions of use. A wide range of accessories (for instance, the wastewater treatment system, the safety winter drain cycle, the touch-screen control panel, speed measurement, surveillance cameras) increases the effectiveness of the system. Every unit is customized according to the client's needs, requirements and funds.